MT6 Introduction to Spinal Manipulation (Soldotna, Alaska)

26 Aug 2023 - 27 Aug 2023

Spinal Manipulation, or High-Velocity Low Amplitude (HVLA) thrust, procedures are a foundation of manual therapy, extensively taught in our Orthopedic Residency program, Manual Therapy Fellowship program, and advanced Ph.D. in Manual Therapy. This course is available whether or not you are enrolled in one of these formal programs. As the foundation for spinal manipulation for the manual therapy certification program and the Orthopedic Residency program, this course emphasizes “how-to, when-to, and why-to”, as well as the “how not to, when not to, and why not to” for spinal manipulation. Experienced instructors will provide individual guidance on the therapist’s posture, foot position, hand placement, and thrust direction to increase the technique's success. The rationale for clinical decision-making for the use of manipulation and specific techniques, both direct and indirect, will be discussed according to the latest evidence. Biomechanical concepts will be integrated into all manipulation techniques for segmental and directional specificity. This lab-heavy two-day course will provide ample time to practice up to 20 short lever techniques for the Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar, and Pelvis (SI). Emphasis is placed on safety and comfort for the patient which is learned from our seasoned instructors. This course is taught by senior faculty utilizing manual therapy in the clinic every day.

Course Details

Registration Open (UTC): 2023-05-17 (08:00 AM)

Start Date (UTC): 2023-08-26 (08:00 AM)

End Date (UTC): 2023-08-27 (08:00 PM)

Course Fee: $499

Faculty Details

Alec Kay



Alec has been practicing physical therapy for over 25 years and currently works full time in a clinical practice at United Physical Therapy in Anchorage, Alaska. He is the current president of that organization. Working as an athletic trainer prior to PT school, he continues to enjoy working with athletes as his interest in sports rehabilitation continues to evolve. His post-graduate studies included completion of a Master of Orthopedic Manual Therapy in 1997 and a Doctor of Manual Therapy degree in 2000, with a dissertation on the lumbar multifidus, leading to multiple publications. After completion of his DMT, Alec was appointed to the faculty of the Ola Grimsby Institute Post-Professional Consortium and is currently teaching advanced techniques in manual orthopedic physical therapy locally and in other states, as well as presenting as an invited speaker both nationally and internationally. In addition to teaching, Alec shares his expertise working as a clinical mentor for residency, fellowship students in both manual therapy and Family Practice Medicine.