STEP-5: Cervical Spine, Neck Pain and Impairment (Des Plaines, Illinois)

05 Aug 2023 - 06 Aug 2023

Scientific Therapeutic Exercise Progression (STEP), the premier exercise course series from the Ola Grimsby Institute, has a curriculum that focuses on exercise rehabilitation for tissue repair (mechanotherapy), joint mobilization, motor control, coordination, endurance, strength training, and athletic function. Specific cervical exercise dosage and design can address specific impairments and neck pain related to the hypermobile cervical spine, as well as stabilize impaired motor control for cervical instability and whiplash. Treating neck pain requires more than simple isometrics for neck exercises from the internet or family practice physicians. Become a movement expert and learn how to address specific segmental dysfunction, addressing specific motor impairments. Dose specific neck exercises to resolve muscle guarding, joint restrictions, motor control deficits, postural dysfunction, post-surgical care, and cervical dyskinesia. Enhance your skills for exercise dosage, design, and progression, creating your own patient-specific programs. The extensive curriculum taught in the STEP series has a foundation in advanced manual therapy education, which includes tissue-specific assessment and manual therapy interventions. This course is taught by seasoned instructors that use this curriculum every day in the clinic.

Clinic Address:
IL 60016, USA
Phone: 847-376-8289

Course Details

Registration Open (UTC): 2023-04-13 (08:00 AM)

Start Date (UTC): 2023-08-05 (08:00 AM)

End Date (UTC): 2023-08-06 (08:00 PM)

Course Fee: $499

Faculty Details

Dan Washeck

Faculty (PT, OCS, FAAOMPT)


Dan has been working in orthopedic physical therapy with a manual therapy emphasis for nearly 20 years. He graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia in 1998 and completed 4 years of Post-Graduate training including Residency, Fellowship, Ph.D. training program in orthopedic manual therapy from the Ola Grimsby Institute (OGI) in 2003. After Post-Graduate training, he completed an additional year of Instructor apprenticeship. He became an instructor for the OGI in 2005 and the lead Residency instructor for Seattle in 2011/2012 and St. Louis from 2013 – present.  Dan also completed a 1-year (S.T.E.P) Therapeutic Exercise Residency in 2007. He is an Orthopedic Certified Specialist from the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialists and a Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapists. He has authored several chapters in the book series Science, Theory and Clinical Application in Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy and has taught Manual Therapy seminars both nationally and internationally over the past decade. He is currently on the board of directors, board of examiners, and the Residency Director for the OGI. He owns and operates Winghaven Manual Physical Therapy, an outpatient manual therapy clinic and full-time teaching clinic for post-graduate Residency and Fellowship students for the OGI.

Tom Mollsen

Faculty (PT, DMT, MPT, A.T., C., FAAOMPT)


Tom has over 25 years of extensive experience in the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions as a licensed physical therapist, licensed athletic trainer, and certified massage therapist. Tom served as the head athletic trainer for 9 years at Elmhurst College. In this capacity, Tom coordinated the medical care of individuals participating in 16 men's and women's NCAA Division Ill sports programs. He was also the head athletic trainer for the Nike-sponsored Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Kendall Gill, and BJ Armstrong Youth Basketball Camps for 8 years. Tom graduated from Midwestern University's College of Health Sciences with a Master of Physical Therapy degree in 2002. In 2014, he completed the Ola Grimsby Institute (OGI) residency program earning a Doctorate of Manual Physical Therapy degree. Tom completed the OGl's fellowship program and was named a Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapists in 2016. Through the Roy Matheson program, Tom is a certified work capacity evaluator. Tom is a full-time clinician and owner of Midwest Manual Physical Therapy, an outpatient manual physical therapy clinic in Des Plaines, Illinois.

Outside of work, Tom holds a fourth-degree blackbelt in Gangi's Kung Fu System/Kang Chuan Do, a kung-fu based martial arts system.