STEP-4: Lumbar and Thoracic Spine (Seattle, Washington)

08 Oct 2022 - 09 Oct 2022

In this course, the participant will learn exercise techniques for biomechanical and neurological conditions including motor control deficits of lumbar and thoracic dysfunction. Exercise concepts of dosage, design, and progression for rehabilitation of the lumbar and thoracic spine will be brought to life using case studies and clinical examples throughout the course.  In addition to the current evidence in work physiology, the course offers a clinical approach to an individual, highly specific dosed program to include: resistance (concentric, eccentric, isometric), repetitions, sets, rest, speed, range, and frequency with reference to functional qualities are developed. This course integrates specific manual therapy principles of active mobilization, dynamic stabilization, and prevention of injury in the lumbar and thoracic spine. Concepts related to patient selection for specificity or general exercise application is presented in terms of research on biopsychosocial considerations in the patient with both acute and chronic spine pain. Learn to safely use all the benefits of exercise at any stage of rehab with your patients with lumbar and thoracic spine problems.

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Registration Open (UTC): 2022-03-27 (08:00 AM)

Start Date (UTC): 2022-10-08 (08:00 AM)

End Date (UTC): 2022-10-09 (08:00 PM)

Course Fee: $499

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Faculty Details

Jim Rivard



Dr. Jim Rivard practices physical therapy in Seattle, Washington. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Puget Sound in 1988.  After completing a two-year Part I residency program with the Ola Grimsby Institute, he received a Masters in Orthopaedic Manual Therapy through the state of California.  In 1993 he completed a two-year Part II program with the OGI. His teaching experience has included residencies in San Diego, Dallas, Anchorage, and Spokane, as well as short-term courses in Manual Therapy of the Spine, Extremities, and S.T.E.P. (Scientific Therapeutic Exercise Progressions). Dr. Rivard has received invitations to speak at national conferences and state chapter meetings in Washington, Alaska, and Florida, and has also been invited to speak in Norway, Canada, Belgium, Finland, and Brazil. He is one of the Vice Presidents of the O.G.I.  Responsible for Program Content and Development.

Jim Rivard is the founder, co-owner, and President of MTI Physical Therapy. Four years of post-graduate training specializing in orthopedic manual therapy has made him an expert in a wide range of orthopedic issues: sports rehabilitation, post-surgical rehabilitation, spinal injury, headache, TMJ disorders, work injury, and motor vehicle collision. His passion for learning and the development of clinical skills culminated in the establishment of MTI Physical Therapy as a teaching clinic for post-graduate training. His clinical achievements have been recognized with the attainment of Fellow in the AAMOPT in 1995 and a Board Certified Orthopaedic Clinical Specialist in 1997. He has been honored to serve over 9 years on the Executive Board of the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy, as well as serving as AAOMPT President from 2014 to 2017.